Putting your house up for sale? Here are 5 tips

Are you considering putting your property on the market? Follow these practical tips by property experts Tenerife Sun Properties.

Many people are impatiently awaiting the arrival of Summer. Longer sunnier days are particularly appreciated, giving us more energy to tackle things at home. This is one of the reasons why this season is the perfect time to put a house up for sale.

1. Store and clean

To make your home attractive to potential buyers, the first step is to tidy it up. We typically don’t see the mess in our own space, but the first impression matters to new visitors, so your house should be clutter-free. Store as many things as possible in your cupboards and if necessary, store things in the garage or attic.

Then clean up so that visitors can see your home in the best possible light. Remove all traces of dust, stains or cobwebs. The expression “spring cleaning” will take on its full meaning!

2. Wash your windows

If there is one thing in the house that no one cleans when the weather is bad, it is the windows. It is of little use to wash windows when rain, snow, hail and fog immediately smear them again. This is why at the end of Winter, the windows are often smeared. Dirty windows are unattractive to a visitor …

Roll up your sleeves, grab a cloth and window cleaner … then clean your windows. Also, remember to wash their interior and exterior frames with a product suitable for the material. Your home will be more pleasant to live in and bright!

3. Opt for neutral interior decoration scheme

Now that your house is clean and tidy, let’s move on to the decor. To attract visitors, a great tip is to decorate your interior in a neutral colour scheme. In this way, everyone will be able to identify with it and plan for it more easily. So choose neutral tones: whites, off-whites, beige, grey… You can even refresh the paint on the walls with these colours. The effect will be worth it.

In addition, matching interior blinds or curtains are a plus, and they will also allow you to modulate the sunlight during the visits.

4. Clean the exterior

Next, it’s important to thoroughly clean the exterior of your home, which your visitors will also inspect. Clean your gutters in particular and check their integrity (pipes and fasteners). Then replace or fix accordingly.

Pressure wash the terrace, not forgetting side alleys, and planters. Also arrange your garden furniture in a welcoming and warm way, to attract buyers.

5. Enhance the garden

Finally, just as you enhance your interior, take the time to make your garden more inviting. Especially the front garden, which will be the first area that visitors will see when they arrive.

Weed, prune, mow the lawn..in short, enhance your garden.


By applying these tips, your home should appeal to many more potential buyers!