Putting your house up for sale? Here are 5 tips

Are you considering putting your property on the market? Follow these practical tips by property experts Tenerife Sun Properties.

Many people are impatiently awaiting the arrival of Summer. Longer sunnier days are particularly appreciated, giving us more energy to tackle things at home. This is one of the reasons why this season is the perfect time to put a house up for sale.

1. Store and clean

To make your home attractive to potential buyers, the first step is to tidy it up. We typically don’t see the mess in our own space, but the first impression matters to new visitors, so your house should be clutter-free. Store as many things as possible in your cupboards and if necessary, store things in the garage or attic.

Then clean up so that visitors can see your home in the best possible light. Remove all traces of dust, stains or cobwebs. The expression “spring cleaning” will take on its full meaning!

2. Wash your windows

If there is one thing in the house that no one cleans when the weather is bad, it is the windows. It is of little use to wash windows when rain, snow, hail and fog immediately smear them again. This is why at the end of Winter, the windows are often smeared. Dirty windows are unattractive to a visitor …

Roll up your sleeves, grab a cloth and window cleaner … then clean your windows. Also, remember to wash their interior and exterior frames with a product suitable for the material. Your home will be more pleasant to live in and bright!

3. Opt for neutral interior decoration scheme

Now that your house is clean and tidy, let’s move on to the decor. To attract visitors, a great tip is to decorate your interior in a neutral colour scheme. In this way, everyone will be able to identify with it and plan for it more easily. So choose neutral tones: whites, off-whites, beige, grey… You can even refresh the paint on the walls with these colours. The effect will be worth it.

In addition, matching interior blinds or curtains are a plus, and they will also allow you to modulate the sunlight during the visits.

4. Clean the exterior

Next, it’s important to thoroughly clean the exterior of your home, which your visitors will also inspect. Clean your gutters in particular and check their integrity (pipes and fasteners). Then replace or fix accordingly.

Pressure wash the terrace, not forgetting side alleys, and planters. Also arrange your garden furniture in a welcoming and warm way, to attract buyers.

5. Enhance the garden

Finally, just as you enhance your interior, take the time to make your garden more inviting. Especially the front garden, which will be the first area that visitors will see when they arrive.

Weed, prune, mow the lawn..in short, enhance your garden.


By applying these tips, your home should appeal to many more potential buyers!

Getting Active in The Canary Islands.

There comes a time when you’re just done with having to wake up at the same time, prepare in the same way, head to your workplace in the same way, and get back home in the same way. Even though it is drilled into us the moment we step into school, a routine is definitely something that humans weren’t made for.

This is probably one of the reasons why the Vikings got out more often, to discover new lands, and get away from their old, boring stomping grounds. It’s probably the same reason why you sometimes feel suffocated and just want a break from it all. But where can you go to?

The Canary Islands, of course. Here is a little piece of paradise off the West Coast of Africa. The group of islands make for an interesting way to break the monotony you’ve been experiencing.

What can you do?

The Canary Islands are not just the most beautiful province of Spain, but they’re also a place where you can take on a few activities that will wow your senses, or just get you to blow off steam in a way you hadn’t thought of.

1. Diving in Gran Canaria.

If you’re a fan of BBC Documentaries, National Geographic and other nature channels, then you’re quite privy to the goings on under the ocean currents. You’ve probably been fancying a bit of exploration yourself, therefore you wouldn’t mind taking a dive off the shores of Gran Canaria, the second largest island after Tenerife.

Down in the waters, you will get the chance to experience the flora and fauna that has existed in the ecosystem for thousands of years. The impressive biodiversity can only be rivalled by a handful of other sites around the world.

2. Touch the skies over Tenerife.

You may not be a fan of the deep blue sea, but you are a fan of the expansive blue skies. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, or just want to have a new experience to boast of, few can get to the level that skydiving can get you to.

If you’re up to it, you can strap yourself to an expert skydiver and scream your lungs out as you drop out of a plane. The beautiful landscapes al across the island will either have you cooing in the beauty and wonder, or will have you pining for more as you glide down gently into the sun-soaked sands of the island.

Speaking of gliding, it doesn’t only have to be done while you’re strapped to a parachute. The hills and the excellent weather over the Canary Islands make for excellent wind conditions. These conditions then invite you to take on the skies in another form; paragliding.

Provided you get through your practice flight unscathed, or you already have some experience, you can spend two hours just lazing around in the skies over Tenerife, your paraglider being your only companion, and simply going with the wind. This is an excellent way to experience the islands.   

If you can’t decide whether to visit Gran Canaria or Tenerife, you can easily see both in the same trip. It’s easy to take a ferry from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, or Agaete, to Santa Cruz de Tenerife. You’ll be there in less than 3 hours!

And once the Canaries have cast their spell on you, you’ll want to discover the other islands, book a yoga holiday in Lanzarote or go surf the waves of Fuerteventura.

It’s easy to fly to the Canaries from Europe so you can return as often as you like. That’s why many have elected to buy a holiday home in Tenerife, which became their main residence as it’s easy to visit family and friends from there.

What Do Millennials Think About Marriage?

Throughout the centuries, there has always been a difference in ideology between the various generations that have existed together at a point in history. These generations tend to do things different from each other. This is especially true where the younger generation looks at what the older have been doing, and decide to go in a different way.

The same is true currently. What the baby boomers did in droves, ad considered to be a milestone in life, is something that the Millennials that followed are not really known for. While boomers did take the issue of marriage seriously, it’s the millennials that made a name for themselves by breaking ranks with the boomers.

What do millennials think of marriage?

Age of marriage.

During the Second World War era, and even before, it wasn’t uncommon to come across 20-year old couples who had been in marriage for close to three years. In those three years, they had managed to start a family. That was true up to the sixties and seventies, then came the millennials.

Whereas marriages were mostly an economic arrangement, and later a means of expressing love, the millennials haven’t taken too kindly to it. In this age, it has become the norm to find that by age 30, many have still not gotten into their first marriages.

This is, on average, seven years later than what age the previous generation got into marriage. But that’s not all, the rate of marriages has also dropped by 20 percent. What’s happening instead, is that millennials are choosing to cohabit with partners they see themselves spending their lives with.

The Changing Perspective.

Yes, with every generation comes a change in certain idea that society has held dear. This time, it was the turn of the institution of marriage. It is in this generation that has seen a redefinition of the term gender and what it comprises. No longer is it a duality, and that means the traditional position of marriage between a man and a woman has also come to be seen as archaic.

The change has been fueled by a lot of changes in society, not just the role of gender. One factor, for instance, is that women are now able to pursue careers in very much similar ways as men do. No longer are women limited to being homemakers, or the secretary to a powerful man.

As women are now able to chase bigger positions in a corporate organization, this means that many have now prioritized the need get advanced education, as well as build a career, over the need to get married and have a family. This has meant that many women chase careers well into their thirties, without feeling the need to settle down.

Perhaps the biggest factor of them all isn’t the freedom to chase a career, but rather the financial positions that many find themselves in. Millennials are a much more informed generation, in comparison to previous ones. Many will eschew getting into marriage while they’re still facing issues such as debt, or don’t make enough money.